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Kazuma Kuwabara

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YuYu Hakusho


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AU History:

Kazuma Kuwabara was born to a lower-middle-class family, but his mother was killed by a wild pokemon when he was young, As a result, he was raised by his father and his big sister, Shizuru.

His temper and sense of justice caused him to get in fights often as a child, as any time he saw someone being bullied or picked on he would intervene, without regard for the person’s greater strength, age, or social standing. As a result, he frequently got in trouble and most adults and teachers considered him to be a bully as well. His status as an Enlightened only furthered their disappointment, assuming he was either wasting his gift or using it to harass other students.

Combined with his low academic performance, most teachers considered him a dumb thug, and a lost cause compared to more promising students. They neglected him and put him down, and he became even less interested in school or preparing for a career. Instead, he spent more time picking fights and slacking off with his friends, who became an informal gang.

Canon Personality:

Kuwabara is extremely passionate, first and foremost. The first thing people notice about him is his temper (and scary-looking face) and he’s often assumed to be a bully or a thug. However, he he’s also compassionate and selfless, and tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve. When he sees someone in trouble, Kuwabara will often rush to help them without considering his own well-being. Or if he can actually help, or how. Unfortunately, his first reaction is usually to try to fight someone. He’s also quite stubborn and proud, and will try to fight anyone that insults him.

Because of this, and the fact that he fails at schoolwork, most people think he’s an idiot. However, he just acts without thinking. He’s actually quite clever when thinking on his feet, and if he’s motivated, has the potential to study and learn. In particular, when fighting for his life and others’, he can come up with unique and creative uses for his powers, like turning his sword into a flyswatter or using it to pole-vault. After being harassed by teachers that look down on him for these reasons, he doesn’t trust authority figures and considers people that abuse their authority to be cowards.

One of the most important aspects of Kuwabara’s personality is his code of honor. Although there’s no specific list of rules, he will refuse to break it - some examples are never stealing, never running away from a fight, and always being there for his friends. Some of the rules may seem outdated to others, like never fighting a girl. More generally, he tries to live up to his own ideal of being a Man, and expects other men to do the same even if they don’t live by the same code. However, he will set his pride as a man aside to protect others, even going so far as to bow and grovel just to protect a pet cat.

In fact, he has two noted weaknesses: cute cats and cute girls. He easily falls for cute girls, and when he does he tends to hit on them half-jokingly, and try to posture and act cool in front of them. However, when truly falls in love, he is completely loyal and single-minded. His love (and friendship) is also his greatest source of strength. He’s strongest when he’s defending the people he cares for, and when he’s on the verge of death just hearing from Yukina, his love, can give him a sudden burst of strength.

There’s one exception to his nobility and honesty, and that’s, ironically, tricking his friends. When he sees an opportunity, he'll play tricks on them (like implying something terrible happened while they were knocked out, when everything’s actually fine), and in one case pretended to be dead to motivate Yuusuke to fight harder.

AU Deviation:

Without someone like Yuusuke to bounce off of, Kuwabara will be closer to his immaturity at the beginning of the series. That means he’ll be quicker to get into fights for no good reason, rather than keeping calm until someone is threatened. In addition, because of living in a society with less rigid gender roles, and particularly with the legend of the Savior to look up to, he’s less strict about associating strength with men and not fighting girls (as long as they’re capable of fighting back).

A lot of his distrust of authority comes from abusive teachers, but that level of abuse wouldn’t last long in Union, where so much pressure is put on the teachers, so instead they’re merely neglectful and disapproving. As a result, instead of suspecting authority of being abused, he just feels like the system doesn’t care about him, so he shouldn’t help or care about it.

He also tends to trust pokemon a just a little more than people, because his powers give him an empathetic connection to them.

Canon Abilities:

Physical Strength/Endurance: Since training and fighting with psychics and apparitions, Kuwabara has become much stronger than the average human is capable of. He has held his own against demons on a few occasions even without using his psychic abilities. His endurance is especially remarkable, and quite frequently despite being outmatched, he gets beaten to a pulp and continues to stand or even fight. One opponent specifically notes that his kick should have broken his neck, but Kuwabara shakes it off after a few seconds.

The Tickle Feeling/Spirit Sense: Kuwabara has a heightened awareness of ghosts and the supernatural. Even before he trains his abilities, he can sense when ghosts are near and get a sense of their feelings (and is particularly susceptible to possession), get a strong dreadful feeling from a group of humans in which a disguised demon is hiding, and track fighters in complete darkness by their spirit energy. As his power grows, he can sense the strength of psychic or demonic fighters, and sometimes predict their attacks, or sense their emotions. He can predict oncoming danger, either consciously (an earthquake), or unconsciously, such as when his powers went into hibernation to create a specialized ability before facing a group capable of creating pocket dimensions (see Dimensional Sword below). Even among fighters that are more powerful than him, his spiritual sense is often the strongest.

In some special cases, he’s also shown telepathy, including psychically communicating with his true love before he even meets her in person, and receiving visions about others’ pasts when they’re calling out for help. He can also transfer his life energy to someone else if that person has depleted theirs, though it’s not clear if that’s unique to Kuwabara.

Spirit Sword: By channeling his energy into a hilt, or later simply into his hand, Kuwabara can create a sword of pure energy. Through the series he gains more control of the sword’s shape as he practices, first making it longer, then allowing it to bend like a pole, and eventually making it chase enemies like a snake or take the shape of a tennis racket. It can also be used to deflect energy or like a bat to knock attacks back at the attacker.

Spirit Shards: Rather than creating a single blade, he creates several smaller blades that are launched across a wide area, like a shotgun blast.

Dimensional Sword: After unconsciously sensing the coming battles of the Chapter Black saga, Kuwabara develops the ability for his Spirit Sword to cut through artificially created dimensions and dimensional barriers. He has been seen using it to cut into and out of pocket dimensions created by psychics and demons, and it is potentially capable of cutting through a specially-constructed barrier between the Human and Demon worlds that would stop an S-Class Demon (the strongest beings in the YYH universe)

Enlightened Abilities:

Fighting/Psychic, Child of the Verdant Forest


Primarily a bare-hands fighter. Enhanced strength & endurance, per Fighting typing. In particular, able to take a surprising amount of damage and keeping standing and fighting, particularly when defending friends or innocents (though he won’t necessarily be able to fight well if he can barely stand).

Sixth Sense: Able to feel the presence of ghost-type pokemon or enlightened, even when invisible or hiding. Able to get a vague sense of the strength of Psychic/Ghost pokemon and enlightened. Also able to sense to sense strong emotions from pokemon, per CotVF, and the stronger the emotion the easier it is to sense. With a very strong connection or emotion (ie a desperate pokemon crying for help), able to see a pokemon’s thoughts or memories as a vision. Can also use his awareness of his own energy/lifeforce to transfer it to a pokemon, per CotVF.

Able to touch intangible ghost-types and attack them bare-handed, similar to Foresight or the Scrappy ability.

Also more susceptible to being possessed by ghosts due to his high sensitivity.

On first evolution:

Sixth Sense: Able to get a sense of surroundings in the dark or without vision. Able to see or precisely know the location of an invisible Ghost-type, and see through Ghost-type or Psychic-type illusions*. At first he would sense a psychic energy, and if suspicious enough would have to concentrate on that energy be able to detect the illusion. Also able to share this sense with one pokemon while linked.

*Dark-types, like Zoroark, would be a blind-spot, in line with Dark types being immune to Psychics.

Spirit Sword: Like canon ability, creates a sword out of psychic energy that can be extended or used as a pole. Acts much like Psycho Cut, but he still wields it as a sword instead of firing it, and it vanishes if he lets go of it.

On second evolution:

Aura Sense: Able to detect auras of living things besides ghosts & psychics, and use their auras to track their movements, including extremely fast or evasive foes. Also able to use Aura to know his surrounding precisely while blind or blindfolded (like Lucario in anime). Again, can share this sense with a linked pokemon.

Dimensional Sword: Upgrade to Spirit Sword, able to cut through barriers created by pokemon or enlightened. e.g. able to remove Reflect/Light Screen/Protect. In game terms, similar to Feint or (combined with Aura Sense) Sacred Sword. However, not necessarily more powerful at direct attacks, and cutting barriers will be more tiring and energy consuming, the more powerful the pokemon that created it.

Starter Pokémon:

Espurr (named Eikichi)

Notes/Special Considerations:

I’ve coordinated my AU history with the player that will be apping Shizuru Kuwabara.

Depending on how the plot goes, he may require a Psychic-enhanced item initially to use his Spirit Sword, or the item may be necessary to trigger the evolution. I’m also undecided on if evolution will result in any physical changes, and may decide on that later.

I’m not sure if his sixth sense/illusion detection would let him know if a ditto is impersonating another pokemon/enlightened (as it’s a physical transformation, but their emotions/energy might be off).

The Dimensional Sword could be considered very overpowered if it retains its ability to cancel out dimensional barriers or anomalies, considering that creating such things is the realm of the gods. However, because this that power is very specialized, it could be fun to incorporate into the plot if it ever comes up. If necessary, cutting through a god’s barrier would exhaust him to the point of not being able to continue fighting, and possibly even endanger his life just from the strain and energy used.



-To what lengths would you go to rescue your allies if they were lost in the wilderness?

Oh, man, anything, there’s no way those guys could survive out there without me! I’d have to run out and find them before they get in real trouble. I’d carry them back if I have to - I mean, obviously I hope I don’t, but a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

-What does the story of the Savior mean to you?

I think… it’s about someone that sees a lot of people in trouble. And some of the people are bad, and maybe they’re getting what’s coming to them. But there’s a lot of innocent people in danger too. So that person decides to risk her own life to save them. I think it’s a story about what it really means to be strong, or to be a true warrior, man or woman.

-What aspects and traits do you respect most in your individual fellow man?

Hmph. The thing most men seem to be lacking is a code of honor. A true man always acts with honor and pride, always keeps his word, doesn’t attack someone when they’re down, never runs away from a fight.. you know, that stuff. So of course the people I admire the most are the ones that have a code and stick to it.

-A human has attacked a wild Pokémon who retaliates in defense. How do you respond and whom do you defend?

Well OBVIOUSLY there’s something wrong with that freaking human! I mean, who would just attack a pokemon and not expect them to fight back!? If it looks like the pokemon’s in trouble I’ll help, but if the human’s the one in trouble I guess I’ll just try to get them out of there… and then give them a piece of my mind, and probably a piece of my fist!


Kuwabara was on his way home when he felt it - a call for help, but not an audible one. He just knew someone was scared and in pain, so he turned and took off down an alley, shouting back at his friends, “You guys go on ahead, I gotta check something!”

One turn later, and he saw a group of dark-furred cats harassing another pokemon. It looked like a little grey ball, trembling and holding its hands over its ears while several Purrloin circled it and made teasing swipes with their claws.

“Hey, cut it out you guys! Leave him alone!”

The dark pokemon turned to him and purred loudly, but it sounded more like a mocking sound than a happy one. He looked around the alley, and grabbed a wooden stick from a trash can. Swinging it back and forth, he walked toward the group and tried to scare them without actually hitting them.

“Come on, scat, get out of here if you know what’s good for you!”

With a hiss, the Purrloin dispersed, leaving Kuwabara alone with the trembling pokemon. He set the stick down and kneeled down in front of it.

“It’s okay, little guy. I’m not gonna hurt you.”


It cautiously lifted its head, still covering its ears. Kuwabara could feel that it was still scared, but not for the reason he expected.

“Hey, you weren’t just afraid of getting hurt, were you? You were afraid you were gonna hurt them?”

The Espurr stared back silently, but stopped shaking.

“Hey, don’t sweat it. I think that’s pretty noble of you, actually. See, I’m pretty strong, and I have to stop myself from hurting people too badly all the time, heheheh.”

Kuwabara was trying to smile reassuringly, but it turned into a goofy, bare-toothed grin. The pokemon stared back, and while the fear that he felt was subsiding, he could tell it was still nervous.

“Tell you what, how about you come with me? I’ll protect you from bullies like that, and maybe I can teach you to fight back without losing control.”

More staring.

“Okay, maybe you don’t have to learn how to fight. But you shouldn’t be scared of your own power, you should be proud of it. And real strength is knowing how to use your power, see?”

Continued staring, in continued silence.

“Okay, it’s settled. You’re coming to live with me. And how bout I give you a name to match, huh? How about… Eikichi?”

The Espurr took a step toward him, and let him lift it onto his back.

“Alright then, Eikichi it is. From now on, if you’re ever scared you might hurt someone, just let me know, and I’ll chase ‘em away. Okay?”