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2014-02-05 04:14 pm
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Name: Kazuma Kuwabara
Blade Psychic
Type: Fighting/Psychic
Ability: Child of the Verdant Forest

Current Level: 22
Pokémon Bonded: 1

• Pokemon empathy
• Transferring lifeforce to pokemon
• Sensing ghosts and psychic energy
Punching ghosts
• Punching things that are not ghosts
Eikichi (Espurr)Koto (Purrloin)
code by swagu
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2014-02-22 10:03 pm
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YuYu Hakusho
The Worst Punk of Union University

Kuwabara [personal profile] blade_psychic - 2014.02.09
OMG sis turned apartment into a hair salon!! #notcool #earthquake #gonnasmellgross
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Shizuru Kuwabara [personal profile] ihaveafeeling - 2014.02.09
The building where I work took damage in the earthquake, and I startled a pack of Purrloins in the process of purloining anything they found.
Kuwabara [personal profile] blade_psychic - 2014.02.08
Training with Eikichi! Maybe if I get him to fight, he won't be so scared of everything? Anyone got any advice? #training #espurr
Kuwabara [personal profile] blade_psychic - 2014.02.06
@all_onis_are_true I don't know if I could teach you anything, but I can kind of understand how pokemon are feeling, so I could help you with that. #psychic #weirdpowers
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Hiroshi Yamane [personal profile] all_onis_are_true - 2014.02.05
I am currently looking for someone with a great deal of experience in understanding Pokemon.

code by [community profile] cawaii


Week 1 (February 1st - February 7th) +6
Kuwabara: + (4/2) = 10
Eikichi: + 2 = 10
Koto: caught = 8

Week 2 (February 8th - February 14th) +24 Intensive Training
Kuwabara: + (12/2) = 16
Eikichi: + 5 = 15
Koto: + 7 = 15

Week 3 (February 15th - February 22st) +24 Intensive Training
Kuwabara: + (12/2) = 22
Eikichi: + 6 = 21
Koto: + 6 = 21
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2014-02-08 08:27 pm
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Code Repository

Since I modified some of the layouts for my pages and profile, here's the code if anyone's curious.

CR Chart

Original code by [community profile] cawaii


Original code by [personal profile] swagu

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2014-02-08 05:44 pm
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CR Chart

YuYu Hakusho
The Worst Punk of Union University

Hiroshi Yamane [personal profile] all_onis_are_true
Nerdy guy from school. Seems alright, but could stand to loosen up a bit.
Some dude??? [personal profile] indy_wannabe
Likes to complain and judge people even when he doesn't know what's what.
This lady??? [personal profile] flowerofsendai
Also likes to tell people what they can and can't do. Maybe knows a little about training, after all.
Imogen Moreno [personal profile] for_realsies
Cute girl that's a delver and probably pretty strong.

code by [community profile] cawaii
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2014-02-04 09:20 pm
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Player Info & Application



Author X

Contact Information:

[ profile] authorx

Time Zone: CST/CDT, GMT -6

Characters Played:



Character Name:

Kazuma Kuwabara

Character Canon:

YuYu Hakusho
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